My name is Keith Calvin Leong. I’m a photographer. Attention to details is the commonalities in everything I shoot. I like to get in extremely tight. Being in close, it creates an intimacy. Our minds instinctively fill in the missing pieces.

One of the things I love most about shooting events is the ability to freeze a moment, to freeze the action. Everything in Sport event happens in a split of second, starting of a race happens as quick as final sprint. Athletes put it all on the line and when you can freeze that moment it's really just amazing.

What really gets me excited about an event shot? It's the emotion after a victory. Or, brushing past a championship. Just tears of joy, or moment of just utter defeat.

On location I think the best shots come from natural shots, and it's trying to get the frame between the frames, that moment right between when they're going to give you a real pose where you say something goofy, they laugh, and you still shoot; to get that natural moment that translates right into pretty.

I've always been nothing short of creativity, but what I enjoy it is when I decide I'm gonna shoot this event, or I'm in the field today, or whatever it is... for that moment in time I get to shut everything else out.

When I knew I wanted to be a photographer back in 2012. I look at some of my sponsors and I saw all these people nodding their heads while looking at my shots, I realized we just want to see better images, and if I could be the bridge between those I'm a chuffed guy. That's what I get excited about.

When I think about photography, it's really what you're standing in front of and how you aim your camera, doesn’t matter what gear you have, it is only the brain behind the lens matters. There's not a button on the camera that you press to get better images. It's stand in front of something amazing, then you have to shoot it in a really unique way. That's what I think my job as a photographer is.

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